Shehzad sheikh exclusively shared his latest  project serial ‘Qurban’  with Celebdhaba.

I did six or I guess seven telefilms with Ahmed Bhatti though it’s my first serial with him, his two telefilms have already won at humtv awards, he is such a great director, but also great editor.

Shehzad Sheikh playing an important character in Qurban.

The character I’m playing in this serial is Shah Meer who belongs to feudal family background studying in china and has been called back in Pakistan for some reason, Shahmeer doesn’t like the mindset of feudalism their set of values and others thing. There are certain rules he wouldn’t agree with his family members, the most important twist of the story is Heer, who is engaged to him since their childhood, Shahmeer’s father last wish was to get these two married but he doesn’t want to marry her.


And here I enter in fourth or fifth episode at a very crucial period. It’s a love triangle where Heer is also interested in someone else but later I fall in love with her so what will happen you need to watch this serial – says Shezad sheikh.

Idreams production


Shehzad Sheikh

Bilal abbas

Iqra aziz


Ayesha toor

Writer: Zafar Mairaj

Directed by Ahmed Bhatti,

Producer : Idream, Abduallah Seja

Starting from Monday November 20th at 8 pm on ARY digital.