The trailer for Mikaal Zulfiqar’s upcoming film Sher Dil is out and it took the internet with bang. The complete trailer is full of action and aerial dogfights. The Azfar Jaffri directorial is full of action and the after watching the trailer we can surely that the film will be a must watch.

The trailer starts off as we see Mikaal Zulfiqar in a dog fight against Hasan Niazi who wil be playing the role of Arun in the film the slow mo dogfight does not reveal much but it looks extravagant. We then see Mikaal Zulfiqar’s mother telling him “These men in uniform although seem very ordinary, but at the time of need they are ready to sacrifice everything.”  Mikaal Zulfiqar will be playing the role of Lieutenant Haris who joins the Pakistan Airforce.

Apart from this the trailer shows us that the officers meet each other at an official Air Force training where they collide in aerial dogfights. Sher Dil also includes Armeena rana Khan who will be playing the love interest of Mikaal Zulfiqar.

There is a scene in the trailer where it looks like as if Mikaal is hit with a missile and soon he says “If I do not return, tell my father martyrs never die.”

The film is being directed by Azfar Jaffri and is an ARY film production Apart from Mikaal Zulfiqar the cast includes Armeen Khan, Sabeeka Imam, Laila Zuberi, Bilal Shahid, Hasan Niazi, Samina Ahmed, Ibrahim Alvi, Malik Aqeel and Imran Uppal.

The film will be hitting the big screen on 22 March and we must surely say that it will be a must watch.