It’s so good to see that Pakistani film makers are experimenting on different genres other than romantic scripts and is taking the graph of filmmaking on higher levels. While some previous movies failed to impress the audience big time, the recent release Sherdil came out as fresh air.

The story, cinematography, art direction and music make it a great package to entertain the people – not to forget some breathtaking aerial shots and what could have been the best time to release such patriotic film when almost everyone in the country is having devoted vibes for the safety of the county.

The film highlights a life of a pilot played by Mikaal Zulfiqar, and how he learns the significance of duty, honour and love for one’s country.
Some memorable lines and dialogues will definitely give you goose bumps not only it has scenic locations but also beautiful faces like Armeena Rana Khan, Sabeeka Imam, Hassan Niazi and many more.

Of course, the music of the film plays a vital role and Sherdil’s music is so addictive and is going to be an anthem to celebrate Pakistan’s victory now onwards and Adnan Dhol & Rabi did a brilliant job. Not only music, the cinematography is beyond amazing, Riki Butland tremendously showed the reality with the camera work.

The movie is directed by Azfar Jafri and is produced by Nomaan Khan

The movie features larger than life frames and on point art direction, which were missing in our films and is a great example for the filmmakers that how an entertaining and technically sound film can be made.
Sherdil is a complete entertainer and is going to grasp you for 2 hours, it is a must watch family movie.