Rumors were surfacing the internet about the birth of cricketer Shoaib Malik and Tennis star Sania Mirza’s child. These rumors have been surfacing the internet for almost two to three weeks. However Shoaib Malik thought on ending these rumors and took this issue on his official twitter account where he posted “We will do a proper announcement when the kid decides to arrive, please keep us in your Duas (and don’t believe everything you see/read on the internet please!)”

The 36 year old cricketer clarifies to the public that the couple will officially announce the good news by themselves there is no need for such rumors he also stated that don’t believe in things you see on the internet.  Shoaib Malik was really happy when he made the announcement regarding Sania’s Pregnancy in April Shoaib Malik said ““We are obviously very excited to enter this new phase of our lives. We have been thinking about it for a while and look forward to our journey as parents.”


Sania Mirza also shared the good news “We are soon to become parents. Having thought about it for a while, we both felt right now is the correct time to start a family.” When Sania Mirza announced the news of her pregnancy she also announced that the Surname of the Baby will be Mirza-Malik just to show where they stand as a family.

Sania Mirza the Indian Tennis Star and Pakistan Cricket Team All Rounder Shoaib Malik tied the knot with each other back in 2010 in Hyderabad eight years after the couple will be giving their fans some good news.