The versatile actor Faysal Qureshi has successfully completed 25 years in showbiz this week. An actor per excellence, he has carved a niche for himself with his work – be it acting, hosting or dancing he has tried his hands on all artistic crafts and has always entertained his fans.

The host of ARY Zindagi morning show has recently shared the seven most memorable moments of his glorious career in an exclusive conversation with Celeb Dhaba.

1. When he made his film debut

Since childhood Faysal Qureshi had a flared for acting but his big dream came true when he actually made a foray into showbiz world. Although he began his career as a child artist in PTV dramas, Emergency Ward and Andhera Ujala but the day he would never forgot was one when he signed his first film assignment.

“It was really a big day for me when I signed my first film – I can’t express my feelings in words. It was an incredible experience of seeing myself on silver screen as a hero. It was indeed my very first accomplishment and I would never forget it,” the actor told us in exclusive conversation.

2. When he got a chance to work with Nadeem Baig

Faysal Qureshi has openly expressed his love for legendary actor Nadeeem Baig on his show umpteen times. He considers it as a biggest moment of his life when he gets a chance to work with him.

“It’s a big moment for me to work with Nadeem sb – and I got this golden chance in the very beginning of my career. I worked with him in film Panha in 1995,” he added.

The actor felt fortunate to work with him again in drama serial Mol.

Faysal Qureshi  considered it as an honour to work in television remake of Nadeem Baig’s popular film, Aina.

3. When he made career shift to television

As Pakistani film industry has faced a downfall in 90s, most of the film actors shifted their attention towards television – and Faysal Qureshi was one of them. At that time he didn’t know that career shift would bring revolutionary changes into his life and turned him into one of the biggest star of local showbiz industry.

“It was another amazing moment when I made a big move in my career – shifting towards television gave me recognition and fame I have always yearned for,” he further said.

With a career shift, Faysal Qureshi reached to new heights of fame and success. He has done hundreds of successful plays on prominent channels of television. Some of his popular drama serials included Boota from Tooba Tak Singh, Man o Salwa, Qaid e Tanhai, Bashar Momin, Main aur Tum, Rung Laga, and Waada.

4. When I got my first Lux Style Award

Awards and appreciation is what keeps an artist going – and getting a long due appreciation is an unexplainable phenomena. Qureshi had also experienced this feeling when he finally got his first Lux Style Award after working hard in showbiz world for so many years.

“It was a big day for me when I proudly hold my first Lux Style Award in my hand – I waited too long for it. I was nominated for best actor award for four consecutive years (2003 to 2006) but I didn’t get the trophy. I won my first award in 2016 for best actor for ARY Digital’s drama serial, Rang Laga,” Qureshi told us.

5 When Faysal made good friends in industry instead of getting awards

There isn’t any doubt that the entertainment industry is full of diplomatic people who only believe in worshipping the rising sun. Qureshi has been really fortunate when it comes to make genuine friends in industry. Over the time he has made some really good friends in showbiz who have always stood by him in every thick and thin in life.

“Mujhe jab bhi award nahin mila, ek bohat acha dost zaroor mila. When I didn’t get award for my performance in Boota from Tooba Tak Singh, I got a chance to meet Fakhir-e Alam. We have become really good friend since then. I met another amazing person (now a great friend) Aijaz Aslam when I didn’t get an award for my act in Harjaee,” Faysal Qureshi  stated.

Although Faisal Qureshi has successfully completed 25 years in showbiz but his struggle to prove himself as a great artist hasn’t over yet. He still waits for some other amazing moments of his showbiz career.

“It will be another big day for me when I will make my come back in movies – I hope that day will come soon and my fans will see me again on silver screen,” the actor said in the end