Morning show host turned actor Amna Malik considers working in soap operas as a privilege as Amna Malik thinks that it helps an artist getting a true recognition.

In her latest conversation with Celebdhaba Amna Malik emphasized that being an artist her character is more important to her in a project than anything else.

“In our industry there is a lot of misconception about working in soap operas and drama serials. Some people think consider an artist successful if he has tons of serials at his credit but for me it is not the same. For me, there isn’t much difference working in soaps or serials, if my character is good I won’t mind signing up the project,” she said.

Amna Malik

The actress further added that renowned producers and directors often pick young talent after seeing their persistent good work in soap operas.

“Soap opera runs for a longer time on television, thus providing an artist a chance to show off his full potential. It often happens that producers and directors pick new talent for serials after seeing their performance in soap operas,” Amna Malik added.

Amna Malik

Amna Malik has recently made her debut on Hum TV in a soap opera, ‘Maa Sadqay’. The actress while talking about her role said it was challenging because it forced her to come out of her comfort zone.

“It was difficult for me because it’s quite different from my real persona. I play Zainab Ali’s jeethani in the serial – it has strong negative shades and at times I feel a little awkward while doing it because it is not easy as I have to use a lot of harsh words to tease her. It was really uncomfortable for me to scold and abuse her and put unnecessary accusations on her it but the way my director helped me in this whole process was phenomenal,” the actress stated.

Amna Malik

Directed by Haseeb Ali and penned down by Jahanzeb Qamar , Maa Sadqay has currently been aired on Hum TV. The studded cast also included Ayesha Gul and Zainab Ali in pivotal roles.

Director : Haseeb Ali

cast : Amna malik, Zainab Ahmed, Faiq khan, Ayesha