Celebdhaba: Tell us about your character /Role you are playing in your upcoming serial  Aesi Hai Tanhai ?

I’m playing  the titular character of Pakeeza, she’s an  average Karachi based girl, but due to some incidents or you can say turmoils/events, the world turns against us. I don’t want to give away too much for I want my audience to see for themselves, but every Pakistani girl will find some aspect of Pakeeza in them. The story challenges patriarchy very differently. It’s fresh, subtle and definitely something to watch out for.

Celebdhaba: Why this  subject is important to you ?

After Nazo, I wanted to do something as pertinent and relevant. When I first read the script of Aesi Hai Tanhai, I instantly knew that this was a project I wanted to be a part of. It unabashedly highlights the cruel face of our society, where people especially womens  are not considered as a human being. It openly speaks of a subject that very much exists around us, but we choose to brush it under the carpet.

I think it’s high time we speak up against hypocrisy. Being very form of the Urdu language, I often think of the following verses when I think of Pakeeza:

“Karty hain meri khaamiyon ka tazkira is trhan
Log apny aamaal mai farishty hoon jese”

That’s what we plan on tackling with, opening up conversations and the need to treat one another as equals. We are far from being flawless, let’s celebrate one another, the best and the worst of one another.

In a way, Pakeeza also speaks of cyber bullying and how times have changed now that social media is the only determinant of success and approval. What does this amount to? Where do we stand, as humans? I just hope that all of which we’ve set out to achieve, is able to translate on to the TV screens.


Aisi Hai Tanhai – ARY Digital Starting from 8th Nov, Wed at 8:00 to 10:00 pm on ARY Digital