Ali Gul Pir the singer who reached new height with the song ‘Wadere Ka beta’ has just released a new song titled as ‘Sorry, I wasn’t enough’ he has collaborated with Lenny Massey and has dedicated this song to all those children who grow up in a lone parent household. The song lyrics targets all those fathers who left their children for some other women and this rejection would have a long term impact on the child’s mind.

“I’m sorry that I was not enough’ is the cry of a child whose father leaves them and the child blames himself for all those arguments that caused the split, the lyrics of this song are really deep especially for the people who have been through these situations. This song might not be the song you guys are looking for but it will surely open many eyes in the society.

Lenny Massey who can be seen on the piano in the music video while Ali Gul Pir is rapping the poem, looks like Ali Gul Pir is pointing out his own father as Ali Gul Pir has also been thorough the same situation and he is just comprehending all the pain he went through when he was a child.

Ali Gul Pir had posted a video of this song on his official twitter handle where he posted “Coming from a divorced family, I always felt shame. I guess I felt like it was my fault. No kid whose parents or parent has abandoned them should feel that. This is a spoken word I wrote for all such kids.”

Ali Gul Pir has done a great job with this poem dedicated to all these children. Sorry I wasn’t enough is a must listen.