Spider Man: Far From Home just got a new trailer and it looks stunning filled with some intense action scenes. However this time Spider Man will be fighting the world without his mentor Iron Man.  The latest trailer of the film dropped on Monday and the trailer reveals that it will be based after the Avengers: Endgame.

The trailer starts off as we see Tom Holland going on vacation and he is not up for saving the world however when Nick Fury calls him he does not respond and flies to Europe with his friends but his vacation is Hijacked by none other than Nick Fury himself.

Nick Fury appoints Spider Man to save the world but this time he introduces him to a new superhero Mysterio, Jake Gyllenhaal will be playing the role of Quentin Beck mostly known as Mysterio in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He starts off as a bad guy however he then joins hand with Spider Man to fight the Elementals who are creating mass destructions.

The elementals are powerful species who have control over the four elements of earth, it is also said in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that they ruled the earth. The four elementals are Hydron, lord of the waters; Magnum, master of the earth; Hellfire, wielder of flame; and Zephyr, mistress of the winds.

As we saw in Avengers: End Game all the superheroes are set to leave the avengers that means that now there will be a new set of superheroes who will be fighting off the bad guys in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Spider Man: Far From Home will be hitting the theatres on 2 July 2019.