The teaser trailer for the upcoming film Spiral is out and it will be starring Samuel L Jackson and Chris Rock the duo will be seen teaming up in the latest installment from the Saw franchise.

In the film teaser the detectives get called into a case that is a reminder of the brutal murders that once lurked the city and they were all committed by one trickster Jigsaw who targeted random people and killed them for fun however this time things change as the detectives find themselves the bait.

We will be seeing Chris Rock’s character as he is called up to investigate a murder but soon finds out that the murder has something to do with the cops he finds out that he can be the next target of the murderer as well but that is when the Chris Rock teams up with Samuel L Jackson to solve the case.

Spiral has been directed by Darren Lynn Bousman who has previously helmed the second, third and fourth installments of the Saw franchise. The films script has been penned by Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger, and the story has been written by Chris Rock.

The Saw franchise was started by James Wan in 2004. The last installment Jigsaw released in 2017. From the teaser trailer we can say the film will be loaded with gore and yes lets not forget Jigsaw is coming back.