Steven soderbergh gave retirement in 2013 with filmmaking, but then he back to the Hollywood film industry last year with two comedy films Logan Lucky and Murder Mystery. Steven Soderberghs has some different plans for the year 2018 and he has already revealed his next movie which Is Unsane a psychotic thriller movie. It is a film about a girl who thinks she is being stalked by a random person.

Claire foy is playing the lead role in the film, though the actress has already won a golden globe award for her performance as Queen Elizabeth 2 in the show but this movie would also be showing us what she is capable of. Another great feature Steven Soderbergh revealed about the movie is that he filmed the entire film with an Iphone. He even says that this device will be the future of filmmaking. We can see in the film that the graphics have some grainy effects but maybe Tseven wanted to make the movie look like that way.

Unsane trailers sets up a very thrilling scene in which you can see a women, who is Claire foy and thinks that she is being stalked by a Guy Named david, but she is unable to decide whether she is imagining things or really is getting stalked. When she visits an institution to take help, things worsen as she is taken down by the system even more at that point a question comes to our mind about her insanity. Well this is what the film really has to show us.

Unsane will do well if it is executed properly, with confusing perspectives and a unexpected narration, Unsane will show us that how the system should treat us . Unsane will be hitting the theatres on March 23, get ready for a thrilling ride.