Sarwat Gilani

We have stories to tell: Sarwat Gilani

Men in most societies are seen as breadwinners while role of women is restricted to being a good homemaker and a good mother. As societies entered the world of modernization, the role of women changed dramatically. Media played an important role in the modernization of societies and greatly affected the image of women in today’s modern world.

Sarwat Gilani recently opened about her initiative to make films on women collaborating with fellow actresses Sanam Saeed, Mahira Khan and Aamina Sheikh at an interview session with BBC Urdu.

“I feel it’s high time that we as women shall stand up for a change. Unfortunately as an industry we don’t have many takers for scripts based on women. We have people who speak on women empowerment and back off when it comes to practical implementation

As the industry is going through a revival phase, filmmakers and investors want to keep it safe by making typical masala flicks which have the right ingredient for making it a delightful watch

Me, Mahira, Sanam and Aamina share a good personal and professional rapport. Therefore we decided to form a ‘film collective’ which shall makes films ‘on women, for women, and by women’. Starting of with four films, each of us will be bringing in ten investors each. We are yet to give an appropriate name to it, although we have a wats app group by the name of chicken, laughs Sarwat

Women will be given the freedom of expression; they will be open to serve as camera operators, actors, directors, producers, strategist, and studio heads etc. It’s high time that we shall work on our own terms, rather than adding mediocre work to our portfolio”

Sarwat Gilani, was last seen in Nadeem Baig’s blockbuster Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2, where she reprised the role of a dominating Pukthun wife.

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