Last night, a success party was arranged for the cast of Chupan Chupai as the film has earned a handsome opening amount. On the meetup of successfully running film Chupan Chupai Ahsan Khan and Neelum Muneer told Celebdhaba that they are overwhelmed with the response they recieved from the viewers.

“I want to thank all of those who have watched the movie and made it a success because we are nothing without our fans and viewers. Because if only we would watch our own movies than that’s definitely not gonna make any difference rather when the people go out and watch the film in Cinemas. The best part is that the content is very strong, it’s a good comedy and people prefer to watch these kind of things. They enjoy the comedy as it is really entertaining” Ahsan Khan.

“I am really enjoying the response, it was my first film and 2017 has been so special for me and I’m really very excited people are already beginning to ask when my next film is coming which means people have really accepted me as a film actress and silver screen has done justice to me, this is the love of my fans and people that they like me and make me viral anytime whereas some people don’t get viral even they try hard to.”  Neelam Muneer.

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