Suhana Khan

Suhana Khan makes her debut for Vogue India

Almost a year ago the debate of Nepotism arose when the dark horse of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut made headlines for her bold statement when she appeared on one of the episodes of ‘Koffee with Karan’ and took everyone by a surprise calling Johar the ‘flag bearer of nepotism’.

Is it really fair for B-town outsiders who face a tough-time during the process of retaining their individuality as compared to a star kid who comes from that environment, exactly knows what to do, which film to sign etc.

Star kids of Bollywood have become the biggest stars on social media.

Suhana Khan

Sharukh Khan’s daughter Suhana khan is effortlessly tagged as graceful and a stunner on social media and paparazzi.

Suhana Khan

The sultry beauty surely raises the temperature as she appears on her first ever Vogue India cover.

Shah Rukh Khan attended the Vogue Beauty Awards 2018 on July 31 where he unveiled the magazine cover of his daughter Suhana Khan.

Suhana Khan

The superstar looked very happy about it and took to his Twitter account to express his happiness.

“Holding her in my arms again thanks to @vogueindia . ‘What imperfect carriers of love we are…” except when it comes to our children. So sending u all my love & a big hug. Hello Suhana Khan!” he wrote while holding the magazine cover at the awards ceremony.

Checkout the BTS video here:

Gauri Khan shared a glimpse of her daughter in which the teenager looked super confident during her first ever magazine shoot.

Karan Johar, who is family to SRK and Gauri and really close with their kids, expressed his views over the cover.

“Have seen her on stage and had my heart bursting with pride!! She is stunning, soulful and a bonafide talent! Welcome to the spotlight my darling! Even in its harshest moments it will envelop you with immense love….and thank you for never calling me UNCLE! Love you!” he wrote alongside the cover.

Suhana Khan has been doing plays in her school and is very theatre oriented. She wants to be an actor in her own way.

Suhana Khan

She looks ready for Bollywood as the girl is already preparing for it.

Suhana Khan

Well, the magazine debut got mixed reactions. Only time will tell what her first film will be all about.