Supreme court has ordered all the rating firms to register with Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) within three days to submit their data on a daily basis. Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar ordered PEMRA on Thursday to update all the data on Ratings of TV channels on its website. On the basis of the PEMRA ratings all the companies will be free to hand out advertisements.

The court has made it clear that Pakistan Broadcasters Association will have nothing to do with these ratings and none of its members will be a part of the PEMRA board of directors. Medialogic Pakistan has also been permitted by the Supreme Court to submit their ratings with PEMRA, the court also ordered to seal the company offices. On this decision BOL TV counsel Shahab Sharki objected the court orders warning that this decision ‘could lead to a formation of a cartel once again.’ The court replied to this objection and said that this matter has already been settled by PEMRA and it would not intervene in it.

Justice Ijazhul Ahsan observed that there should be proper legislation for proper media rating however the Chief Justice Of Pakistan ordered all the companies to submit their rating to the Supreme Court on a daily basis which will be reviewed after fifteen days.

On this occasions Justice Umar Atta Bandial a member of the three member bench asked PBA “when the rating system was first introduced in Pakistan.”

The Pakistan Broadcasters Association representative told the bench that this system was first applied back in 2004. The additional attorney general said that all the rating companies would be taking their licenses from PEMRA.