The opening night of the T10 Cricket League in Sharjah belonged to the Pakhtoons skipper, the ever dashing and flamboyant star, Shahid Khan Afridi who dazzled again with his performance. He took a hat-trick with the first three balls he bowled by dislodging Rossouw, Bravo and Sehwag in a row. He led Pakhtoons to a comfortable win by 25 runs against Maratha Arabians. In the first match Kerala Kings beat Bengal Tigers convincingly.

A good exuberant crowd of about 11,000 cheered at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium alongside a number of Bollywood stars, former IndoPak cricketers and Pakistani drama artists. Some engrossing sponsorships have been introduced into this new format.

Dot balls are sponsored for the first time as “Alubond Dot Ball” and fours and sixers are termed as “Sapil Solid Shots”. The first night of T10 had an element of interest, tuned by parade dancing and festivity scenes along with some entertaining cricket. The cricket party is expected to spread more colors as it progresses further into its second night.