Taher Shah the singer famous for his songs Angel and Eye to Eye is coming back with yet another track. Taher Shah had made an announcement some time ago about his comeback however the actor tweeted a picture one day before Valentine’s day with the caption “First Look March 2020.”

Taher Shah used to create his own videos and music and the Singer made his debut in 2006 in the online film ‘Oye Kuch Kar Guzar’. The singer made a cameo in the film where he played a love guru dressed up in a really luxurious lifestyle and holding a white cat in his arm.

Well Taher Shah music has also turned out into memes but his fans say that his music really give out a clear message, well everyone has their own opinion. Shah received death threats from Pakistan after his cameo in the film because of which he left Pakistan but the singer did not give up in representing Pakistani music all over the world.

In 2017 Shah also won the Apex Award in 2017 for his song Angel in USA. Well it has not been revealed what Taher Shah has in bag for us however mark your calendars because 14th march is the day we’ll get to know what masterpiece Shah is going to deliver.