The internet sensational star Taher shah who’s claim to fame was his first Debut song ‘Eye to eye’ which went viral on internet and social media later he launched second music video ‘Man kind of angel’ which also went viral on social media and after many years he planned to launch his latest music video title Farishta which was delayed and his fans got really upset and they were eager to watch him on his Music video.

On April 10th he launched his music video Farishta’ And guess what Taher Shah isn’t even in the video! and he introduced a prince child who’s very eerie smile had us up all night. Nodoubt The video seems like it’s self a piece of work. The eerie smiled prince is in love with a mermaid but the mermaid is the fairy or the fairy is the true love.

Here is the Video :

After the ‘Farishta’ video released, people started trolling on Social media :