Tajdeede Wafa

“Tajdeede Wafa” An amalgamation of life’s bittersweet tale about the emotional resonance of families

A heart warming inspirational drama can be a good substitute to a session with a therapist, especially when it comes to family problems. Every drama sends its own message; try to capture its essence, and who knows maybe it will help you make a difficult decision or prevent you from taking the wrong steps.

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Upcoming drama serial “Tajdeede Wafa” focuses to maintain family relationships by providing ample chances to lead a happy life. One must keep in mind, that life is not a box of chocolates, and everyone has to face their very own situations. 

“Tajdeede Wafa” depicts how children are a true reflection of their parents. The crux of the narrative is the importance of family values.

Tajdeede Wafa

“Tajdeede Wafa” is produced by Momina Durraid, directed by Ilyas Kashmiri and written by Sameera Fazal. It is slated to go on air in September, 2018 from Hum TV.

Tajdeede Wafa

Celebdhaba stole a few exclusive moments to have a rare and exclusive chat with Naveen Waqar and Haroon Shahid.

Tajdeede Wafa


The name of my character is Neha. She is an independent, working woman and looks up to life in a very practical way. She is clever and hard working. Her family is extremely important to her. The most interesting part about my character is the different shades it offers. It’s important to navigate the character in your own way. She is sassy, strong and sometimes acts like a boss.

Her marriage seems to be quite successful to the society, but things are not going her way. Unfortunately, her marriage is slowly falling apart and the relationship is becoming more of a burden than a blessing.

It’s a bittersweet story which will make you laugh, cry you heart out with plenty of memorable moments.

This is my third project with Illyas Kashmiri, post Kuch Na Kaho.

Tajdeede Wafa

It’s been an amazing experience working with the team. We are shooting extensively in Islamabad and have another spell to be completed. The star cast has popular names to it i.e. Haroon Shahid, Ahmed Ali Akber, Annie Ali Jaffery, Abid Ali and Laila Zuberi.

Tajdeede Wafa


Tajdeede Wafa has a different story to unveil. Thankfully we are trying to get rid of the “Saas Bahu” culture and the “Love triangle – rectangles” which don’t reflect a positive message to the society.

Tajdeede Wafa

“Tajdeede Wafa” has parallel stories; each story is based on the importance of honesty and loyalty to families. I play sibling to Ahmed Ali Akber.

My work experience has been great so far and tough also. After featuring in a film, I realize that drama is more demanding. It’s a bigger challenge for me. I hope it goes well.