Ainy Jaffri

‘Tajdeede Wafa’ revolves around family values of every sort… Ainy Jaffri

Television has a mass reach today, far more than even films. The Pakistani TV industry has always brightened our world with realism that not only stayed true to the struggles of family life, but celebrated it.

Our families share the common priorities and violating them have always believed to bring disrepute to the family. Amid the changing times, the changing dimensions of relationships, stay united at heart and eventually unite as a family.

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In an exclusive interview to Celebdhaba, Ainy Jaffri revealed interesting details about her character in ‘Tajdeede Wafa’

‘Tajdeede Wafa’ (Renewal of faith) is modern take on family relationships. Be it husband-wife, siblings or saas- bahu, all the relations in life are fragile; one has to carry them with utmost responsibility, kindness and loyalty.

Family is one such thing which can’t be taken for granted. ‘Tajdeede Wafa’ depicts the different phases and aspects of life which are relatable to the masses.

There comes a point in the drama where all the relationships are at stake, and subsequently how do families mend and cement the broken relations again.

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I play Hareem, who is very young, naïve, loving and kind hearted girl. She lives with her parents; she has a sibling sister who lives abroad. Hareem expresses her desire to be a part of the joint family system. She is fascinated with the stories that her grandmother narrates her.

Hareem lives a very sheltered life with her daunting father and strict mother. People may take advantage of her due to her pure and angelic nature.

I am returning back to dramas after four years. I started off from television, it feels back at home. We have great stories to tell.

Ainy Jaffri

I have most of my scenes with Ahmed Ali Akber and Laila Zubairi. I hope audiences like the freshness and the endearing chemistry between the actors.

‘Tajdeede Wafa’ is produced by Momina Durraid, directed by Ilyas Kashmiri and written by Sameera Fazal.