Wajahat Rauf and Aashir Wajahat Rauf teamed up to sing a new song Talaash and the song is surely nostalgic.

Aashir Wajahat Father named Wajahat Rauf famous Director. Aashir Wajahat Rauf the young singer has teamed up with his father Wajahat Rauf to sing a new song Talaash. Aashir Wajahat Rauf has a lovely voice which is why he is loved by the critics and fans.  In the new song video directed by Wajahat Rauf himself we see Aashir Wajahat Rauf walking down some old streets and he is accompanying his father. They can be seen singing the song while walking down the streets looks like the song has something related to them and it is very close to their hearts.

Director Wajahat Rauf successfully portrays simplicity in the music video and it looks great. The director of the song Wajahat Rauf wants to convey a message about passion, finding your own self and making out the most yourself. A story of struggles and achievements is beautifully portrayed by the music video Talaash.

Not only this Aashir Wajahat Rauf also posts videos of himself doing covers on his social media accounts, the kid will be doing wonders. Lyrics and the music is composed by Wajahat Rauf. Singers Aashir Wajahat Rauf and Wajahat Rauf are a fantastic duo and we hope the duo team up for more songs in the near future.

A step towards bringing back the vast music industry in Pakistan.