We have seen him, singing, dancing and romancing with the beautiful ladies but this is the first time singer turned actor Ali Zafar has donned an avatar of an action hero in his latest film, Teefa in Trouble.

The much-awaited teaser of the film has been revealed in a star-studded opening ceremony of third edition of Pakistan Super League in Dubai.

Before the release of the first teaser, a massive promotional campaign has been launched on social media where Ali’s friends and people from media fraternity ask “Yeh Teefa Kaun Hai?”


Although the teaser hasn’t answered this question but it gives viewers a glimpse of a man who is ready to charm everyone with his quirky antics – the actor can be seen climbing the roofs, running on the streets and riding a bike with his leading lady sitting with him.

The teaser opened with Javed Sheikh entering into a messy apartment and asked someone about Teefa. The rest follows a mind-blowing entry of our hero who jumps up the wall like a super hero. Dressed up in denim jacket and jeans, Ali Zafar looks picture perfect in the disguise of a rustic hero with right amount swagger and attitude further adding charm to his persona.

We also get a glimpse of veterans like Nayyar Ejaz, Mehmood Aslam, Simi Raheel and the gorgeous Maya Ali in the teaser.

Directed by Ahsan Rahim, the film has been co-written by Ali Zafar, Ahsan Rahim and Danyal Zafar. The actor in his earlier interview with media talked about the project.

“I wrote the story along with the director.” “We started off with an idea to make an action comedy, then romance came into play and then the songs”, he said.

The film is shot in Lahore and Poland and is slated to release on July 20, 2018.