A soulful song that speaks of love and romance, “Chan Ve” has been written and sung by Ali Zafar featuring Aima Baig with music by Naqash Haider.

Teefa in Trouble’s second music video ‘‘Chan Ve’ released


“Chan Ve is my absolute favourite from the list of music tracks. I remember when Ali made me listen to it, we really didn’t have that much of a space in the screenplay but listening to the song inspired to create that space as a travel song. Once we went to shoot it we came across the most beautiful locations on the way, the warmest of sunlight and clouds that moved with music. The song blew with the wind as we were shooting it leaving us with countless memories.” said director Ahsan Rahim


  “Chan Ve is one of my personal favourites. It is difficult to write poetry for one song in two languages which is what I hoped to do for Chan Ve which is in Punjabi and English. But while the song speaks two languages, the most important is that of love; and that is what Chan Ve is all about.” said Ali Zafar



“Chan Ve has its own very magnetic vibe. It is super catchy and for me it is one of those ‘must have’ songs in one’s music list! Recording this with Ali was great fun” said Aima Baig

Directed by Ahsan Rahim, Teefa in Trouble will be released globally and in Pakistan on 20th of July 2018