While scrolling through my newsfood on different social networking sites last night, I came across a very bizarre poster of an upcoming drama: a girl aged around eight years being strangled by a weird looking man with a number of arms in front of them, no not to show support, but to get out more information. It turns out that A-Plus TV is making a telefilm on Zainab’s rape and murder case, which happened in Qasur, titled Zainab Kay Qatil. Penned down by the very the famous Umera Ahmed and directed by Amir Yousuf, the cast boasts of some acting powerhouses including Saba Faisal, Mikaal Zulfiqaar, Aijaz Aslam and Irfan Khoosat. On the other hand, the child star will be played by Hamna Amir.
As reported by The Express Tribune, it is a film that depicts the exact events as they followed which resulted in Zainab’s murder.Furthermore, it will also be shedding light on ‘society’s negligence’ that led to Zainab’s abuse and tragic death. And lastly, it aims to give ‘awareness to parents’, how they can protect their children and save them from pedophiles. However, many social media users seem to be infuriated by this poster and are assuming that the media will go to any length for popularity, ratings and money. After all, this is quite a sensitive issue for which the justice hasn’t even been served yet. But we have a feeling that Zainab’s family must given the media a heads up since Qandeels Baloch’s family also had no issues with her biopic Baaghi starring Saba Qamar. And if you look at the brighter side, this telefilm is actually going to be a great way of educating the lower class about child abuse and how to help their children in such situations.