Have you yet listened to ‘Nawazishen Karam’ guy Asim Azhar’s new single ‘Teriyan’.

Duo of the singer Asim Azhar and Aima Baig is such a sweet treat for the fans at the start of 2018. The music video features Asim Azhar with Aima Baig. Both of the singers have previously sung in Coke Studio and gave us some hit singles.


Though both of them have already sung the title track of Osman Khalid Butt and Annie Jaffrie starer ‘Balu Mahi’ and have appeared in various TV sows where they sung together but this is first time the two are appearing together in a music video singing a duet. The music video is directed by Adnan Kandhaar and it seems really attractive. The lights, cinematography and every visual looks attractive.

Asim Azhar has slowly taken the industry with a storm and has become one of the biggest sensations of Pakistani music industry.  Aima Baig also has such a mesmerizing voice. There is absolutely no reason to miss this video.

Cute, innocent looks of Asim Azhar and beauty of Aima Baig are the main charm for this video. This song will surely give you a soothing effect.

Check out the song in below link and let us know what you think about it.