Q.1. Tell us about your character in Heer Maan Ja.
Ans. My character in Heer Maan Ja is that of Wajdaan, the antagonist, who is basically a spoiled brat. The excessive love he gets from home has ruined him as a person, and he has no conscience. An incident happens in the movie where he should have faced consequences, but his parents support him saying that he has got money and power and so he can easily get away with anything. He wouldn’t care about the system and he thinks he can get away with anything any time. It’s basically a journey of Wajdaan’s personality where even in flashback you can see him getting scared many times but still he does whatever he wants to. However, we have kept him very human and much relatable to how real life villains look like.

Q.2. How different has it been, playing an antagonist’s role as compared to what you have done before?
Ans. It’s been really challenging for me because of the pressure as an actor, worrying about if people will like my work or not. I’ve played a serious role before in Ghairat, but from my shows and sitcoms people might believe that I only can do comedy. I would like to give this credit to Imran Kazmi, Azfar Jafri, Hareem Farooq, and Arif Lakhani for giving me this opportunity to do a negative role and trusting me to do justice to the character of Wajdaan. I gave it my best, but it was quite challenging and it was with a lot of work and effort I was able to pull it off.

Q.3. Do you think you would prefer a negative role instead of that of a hero?
Ans. People have asked this question many times, that since your appearance is good why don’t you go for a positive or a heroic character. But in this film we break this concept. We always see the villain with wounds and scars on his face, but in Heer Maan Ja we tried to change that as well. Why can’t we make a good looking villain so people can relate to it? We have kept him very human. I liked playing this role because in negative characters you get margin to experiment with your acting, but if I ever get offered to play a hero, I’ll definitely try it. To be honest, antagonistic roles have their own appeal. Heroes mostly have the same kind of a role, while the bad guy can have a lot of space to bring variety.

Q.4. Tell us about your experience with the team of Heer Maan Ja – how was your experience with them?
Ans. The experience was amazing with them as always! In Parchi I performed for the first time with them, but I enjoyed more this time since I had a larger role to play, so my shooting days were more. This time I made sure that I am available in the whole process of making a film since I spent more time with them. They are very professional when it comes to work and they are very humble! Hareem, Ali, Azfar Bhai, Imran, they are all really nice and any one would love to work with them. They pamper you so well, that you want to give your best every time. They are actually more like a family to me, especially after spending all this time in promotions with them!
Q.5. What was the most difficult or challenging part about being Wajdaan?
Ans. I think the most challenging part of being Wajdaan was the fact that I couldn’t relate to him. We learn that you have to take the responsibility of a character, and we needed people to hate Wajdaan. But actors add their own traits to their characters, and I couldn’t do that with Wajdaan since he is not like me at all. I tried my level best with him, but to pull his character off efficiently, I had to leave myself somewhere behind before the shoot, which is very difficult as an actor.

Q.6. What sort of a person would be able to relate to or understand Wajdaan?
Ans. A lot of people can relate to Wajdaan since you would find many around you who have been spoiled by their parents. Many people go through this phase, especially if they are the only child or if they belong to rich, influential families. All of these people can relate to this movie and take a lesson from it. There’s a famous saying that ‘With power comes more responsibility’ and that’s a great message that people can take away from Wajdaan.

Q.7. Any aspect of Wajdaan’s personality that is similar to yours?
Ans. I’m usually quiet when I’m surrounded by new people, at a new place, and I kept it very calm even if there’s a lot going in my mind. Basically, I make people feel that calm before the storm; they know that there’s a lot going on in this guy’s head – he’s observing everyone around him, noticing their habits, style of talking and walking, different expressions, and so on, and this is one personality trait of Wajdaan that was similar to me. He is very quiet and he observes carefully before he strikes. And yes, he dresses up very nicely and that’s another thing we have in common – I’m actually very fond of wearing good clothes!

Q.8. Besides yourself, which celebrity would you like to see tackle this character?
Ans. If you ask me about that, I’ve so many names who can do justice to the complexities of Wajdaan’s character, like Gohar Rasheed, Zahid Ahmed, Imran Ashraf, Ali Abbas and Mohsin Abbas. They are all very versatile and they can pull off any character after reshaping it very easily.