Uzma Khan FIR

Tv actress Uzma khan and her sister Huma khan’s video went viral on social media and everyone was sharing the content without any permission or without knowing the other side of the story.  Uzma Khan claimed the daughters of business tycoon Malik Riaz and Usman Malik’s wife Amna Usman allegedly broke into her house with armed gunmen and instigated the violence.


Uzma Khan files  FIR registered :

Tv actress shared her official statement after the incident happened with her :

This is my official statement. Please share and help me in my fight for justice.

I have been shamed, blackmailed, harassed, been threatened to kill in the past 3 days. I feel i have nothing to lose now and I have decided to fight the strongest people of Pakistan. For me it is either I get justice or I will be killed but there is no turning back now, I will fight against daughters (Amber Malik and Pashmina Malik) of Malik Riaz who stormed into my house around midnight with 12 gunmen.

I am an Orphan so you can’t kill my parents. The maximum you can do is kill me. Since you’ve shamed me in front of the whole world anyway. Since I’m a woman and obviously the vulnerable and easy target, carry on but now I will fight till my last drop of blood

I request Punjab police to register my FIR and conduct my and my sister’s Medical examination(my basic right) before our wounds start to heal. I hope I am as much Pakistani as Malik Riaz.

O’ ALLAH save me from the wrath of these people! Ameen

Uzma khan

Whereas: Amna Usman also released the video on her social media :



“Firstly, I’d like to add that my husband, Usman Malik has nothing to do with Malik Riaz Hussain, he’s not a part of his immediate family. This is being done to malign Malik Riaz; this is a personal spat between Hassaan Khan Niazi and Malik Riaz Hussain.”

She went on to add: “As far as barging into someone’s home is concerned, this was not their house. This was my husband’s other house which I followed him to so basically this was my husband’s home and I have every right to be there. I repeatedly warned this girl to save my 13-year-long marriage. This was not the first time I approached her.”

“I will fight against daughters… of Malik Riaz who stormed into my house around midnight with 12 gunmen. I request the police to register my FIR and conduct me and my sister’s medical examination before our wounds start to heal. I hope I am as much Pakistani as Malik Riaz.”



whereas the lawyer of Uzman khan also twitted  about his stance regarding this case :

“I categorically rebut this malicious propaganda associating me with a viral video. Usman is not my nephew. I’m appalled at such below the belt attempt to malign me for something I’m not involved in any capacity,” he said.

He also threatened to file a defamation lawsuit against anyone trying to “wrongfully implicate” him.




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