Australians, the foremost nation to produce greatest cricketers in the history and equally lauded for playing the game in its real fighting spirit, have now come to face the specter of “Ball Tampering” against their very legacy and tradition. From Sir Don Bradman to Michael Clarke, Australians have an incredible lineage that testifies Aussies being a sporting inspiration for millions of people globally. But the complacency on suspecting Australians to do such a swindle has flabbergasted the Cricket world, literally.

It’s shocking for any Cricket fan to see mates who’ve been the legends, known to pass nasty remarks on opposition players on the pitch and bring them under pressure through “sledge-to-dismiss” policy, now face an unexpected situation that’s not only opened the doors of embarrassment but also stirred a wild wave of criticism. And most importantly, the tampering was done purposefully, pre-planned and on top of it, the skipper was involved in the game of deception.

The incident has toppled the trio’s status and badly tarnished their images as sportsmen. Weet-Bix, the breakfast cereal brand has dumped Steve Smith after he was caught supervising the inglorious trick. LG has also fired David Warner and have announced not to renew the partnership. They have also lost IPL contracts this year.

It all seems absolutely naïve if one dissects the story. David Warner instructed Bancroft to tamper with the ball under the command of Smith. They all knew it was an illegal act and such an adventure may jeopardize their careers. Eventually they went on with the scheme, caught and found guilty in time. When we look at these professional and outstanding cricketers plotting to this level, then it suddenly comes up as an unbelievably insane thing and exponentially foolish.

Now they head home in disgrace, expelled with boos and chanting of “cheat” at the Johannesburg Airport and further to face the music on their native soil.