A group of filmmakers from Islamabad are currently working on a horror thirrler film which is currently titled as ‘The Last Lost Footage’ uptil now the makers have not shared any details about the film however they are planning to give us something really good. Directed by Raja Saad from Islamabad who will be making his debut as a director and the film will be produced by Jamal Sohail.

Speaking to us Jamal said “This film will be a horror thriller film, which will be made by the people of Islamabad, and cast of Islamabad, basically a team with fresh talents.” He further added on “We have currently shot our films spell in Murree in a village and now we are back in Islamabad to shoot the film last spell in a cafeteria, this shot in the cafeteria will be the start of the film however we decided to shoot it in the last.”

Speaking about the cast Jamal Sohail said “For the lead role of the film we are planning to bring in some renowned actors from Islamabad which the include the likes Osman Khalid Butt however we are still working on that and yes we are also planning to take the film to the International film festival this year.”

The makers of the film are currently working on the film and they are planning to release the film this year in Winters.