Disney had came up with a new trailer of the lion king live action film, it is the adaptation of the 1994 film ‘The Lion King’ the new clip looks to be shortened but it has some different scenes apart from the teaser trailer. The makers have created the hype by releasing all the character posters.

The makers have now released all the posters of the film have a look at them.

Disney has been making Live action films since a time and they have been game changers not talking about the nostalgic factor but it also creates a hype amongst the kids who don’t know about the stories.

The studio has already made , Cinderella, beauty and the beast, The Jungle Book and they all did great at the box office and at the time The Lion king is about to come and yes Aladdin will also be hitting the theatres this year.

The new, The Lion King clip, just like the teaser trailer, also begins with the Zulu chant that begins the “Circle of Life” song. We get to see baby Simba sneezing just like in the original movie. There is a look at some new animals that will be featured in the movie.

Disney has also released a new poster for the film which shows us Simba and Mufasa together at a hill and the scenery is quite beautiful  we can see a sunset and Mufasa is seen talking to Simba according to the story book Simba is the legal heir of Mufasa and he becomes the king of the Savana after Mufasa departs from this world.