Renowned Tv actress and director  Sakina Samo tested positive for Coronavirus and she shared this news on her social media as well :

There were rumors spreading in some Facebook groups that Sakina samo has died!

Sakina Samo came forward and she cleared the air and she cleared this fake rumor:
A so-called journalist was bugging me all day yesterday. I refused to take his call or reply to any msg… I did not want to talk about my health and so on. Well, long story cut short i blocked him on WhatsApp. He kept calling and calling. And then this 👇happened.
Pathetic. Ye journalism hai… why people are so insensitive? What do they want we should quit?? Is that want you to want? Ache log nahi chaheye ab? Don’t you have any shame left? Do you know what empathy means? Probably no.
thank God my children didn’t see this horrible.