The secret Life of Pets 2 trailer is out and it will surely take you an adventurous ride. The Secret life Of Pets franchise started back in 2016 and now after three years the makers have dropped the trailer for the sequel of the film. The film is based on adorable pets and what they do after their owners leave home for work.

The main character is played by Max who is a dog, the character of Max was voiced by Louis CK however Louis has been replaced by Patton Oswalt, Louis was replaced in 2017 because of the sexual allegation charged on him.

The movie also features the voices of Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart, Jenny Slate, Tiffany Haddish, Lake Bell and Harrison Ford and this film is surely for all those people who love those cute fluffy pets.

The first film was a huge commercial success and had a great run at the box office because of which the makers have decided to release a second part of the film as well, Director Chris Renaud has come back to direct the sequel as well, he helmed the first project as well. Before this the makers had teased some characters from the film and really created the hype, but now as the trailer has been released we can expect a fun filling ride once again.

‘The Secret Life Of Pets’ will be hitting the theatres on June 7.


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