A fourth movie in the Thor franchise will be hitting the big screens as it has been confirmed by the filmmakers at the San Diego Comic-Con.  The film is titled as Thor: Love and Thunder and Taika Waititi will be returning to helm the project.  It looks like he will be bringing the retro theme to the film this time after the title reveal the same things he did with Thor: Ragnarok which made it a blockbuster hit.

Chris Hemsworth will be reprising his role of Thro and Tessa Thompson will also be making a return to the franchise as Valkyrie however will the film we made after the Endgame or before that, this question can only be answered after some details of the film come out.

Not only this but the makers have also confirmed that Natalie Portman is returning as the Female Thor who wields the Mjolnir and takes away Thor’s superpowers however when Thor finds out about this he makes some different plans and think on recruiting her as they both become really powerful.  Well further details have not been announced yet.

In Avengers: Endgame we saw Thor leaving with the guardians of Galaxy and he will most probably be seen in Vol 3 of Guardians of Galaxy however the film will be coming after Thor 4 as James Gunn is currently directing DC’s Suicide Squad reboot.

Thor: Love and Thunder will be hitting the big screens on November 5,2021.