Well theres good news for all those action movie lovers because it looks like two of the world’s biggest action superstars are going to collaborate with each other. Yes it looks like as both Tom cruise and Dwayne Johnson want that dream to come true and it looks like they will be fulfilling their fans dreams.

Well its gonna take time but we don’t know what the movie going to be about, we don’t know uptil now if both the actors would be fighting each other or teaming up just to fight some bad ass guys. But the one thing we know is that these two actors are great at their roles when it comes to action movies. Tom cruise usually prefers doing his stunts by himself and his action films mostly consist of tactical skills just like Mission Impossible however on the other hand Dwayne Johnson the macho man has those heavy action sequences.


Tom cruise recently was in an interview with ET Canada, and Tom cruise was asked that would he like to work with Dwayne Johnson in a movie and Tom cruise reply was ““Sure. Absolutely. It’d be fun.” Strangely, the interviewer kept calling it “great” while Tom insisted on calling it “fun”.


Tom cruise will currently be seen in Mission Impossible Fallout and the film looks like its going to take over the Hollywood box office with a storm, even before the release of the film the movie has a got 93% rating on rotten tomatoes.

Dwayne Johnson also tweeted on Tom Cruise interview and he posted on his official twitter handle “Haha oh trust me brother.. the “fun” we would have is a massive understatement. Second only to the fun, the world would have watching us on screen together. One day we’ll make it happen. Pumped up for #MI6Fallout.”