Tom Cruise will not be taking his acting level to a next step as it hat ben rumored the Hollywood’s mega star has joined hands with Tesla Owner Elon Musk to shoot a film in Space.

According to recent reports Tom Cruise and Elon Musk’s aviation company Space x is under talk with NASA to let shoot in outer space on a real life space vessel. The film has been described as an action adventure film however there is no Hollywood producer or studio attached to the project currently making it an independent film.

Tom Cruise has always pushed his limits with stunts to next level as he scaled the tops of Burj Khalifa, hung onto a plane in mid-air and all also broke his ankle on the sets of Mission Impossible but the actor never stopped pushing his limits.

Currently Paramount Pictures has pushed back the release dates of the two Mission Impossible movies due to coronavirus pandemic.  Christopher McQuarrie who is directing the seventh and eighth film in the franchise has revealed the films date have been pushed back. The first release dates were July 23,2021 and August 5, 2022.

The franchise started back in 1996 and uptil 2019 the franchise has introduced us to 6 total films that have raked huge amounts of money at the silver screens and we have been able to witness 6 awesome adventures of Agent Ethan Hunt.