Well 2018 is almost at the end and it looks like all the critics are picking their top choices for the year today we will be talking about the top 5 Hollywood horror films that hit the big screens and raked some good amounts. 

Well let’s start the list with the

A Quiet Place:  The John Krasinki directorial was a great hit at the box office, not only this John Karsinki also directed the film and also starred in it alongside her wife Emily Blunt. In the film the actors are seen as survivors who are trying to stay safe from creatures that hunt in the dark with the help of sound, and the thrills in the film makes it look amazing. The plot of the film was amazing and the way the actors had executed it was more amazing, making it reach the top 5 list Hollywood horror films.

Halloween: The remake of the 1978 horror film Halloween came out this year, Michael Myers who is the serial killer in the film comes after girls and kills them and when he comes for Laurie Strode he faces some competition. Laurie Strode is the only one who can evade him because of her training of firearms, however the sound effects used in the film are very chilling which send shivers down our spines.

Hereditary: It’s a complete nightmare and once you have that nightmare you will find hard to wake up from, a horror story that has a storyline that can bring terror to your lives, with events happening that look really dangerous. A drama that shows us true terror in the form of Hereditary.

Annihilation:  A film that is basically based on science fiction but it has impressed the critics a lot, a place that is surrounded by a magnetic field has some sort of aliens inside it which are mutilating creatures and the US governments tries to stop it, the film is full of horror and mystery thus making it to the top 5.

Upgrade:  A film based on AI bot that is placed inside a paralysed man’s mind, well the man can walk and move again but the bad part is that the bot has created a mind of its own and is now causing terror.