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Twitter the biggest social media giant went down yesterday for few hours, and twitters users couldn’t access or tweet , Twitter has said it’s “just about fixed” the partial outages that hit its apps for around seven hours today, limiting the content users could post or access.

Users should be able to Twitter as normal now or very shortly, per an update sent via its support account. It suggests anyone still experiencing problems should “give it a a few more minutes”, as well as thanking users for their patience.

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Our original report on the service issues follows below…

It’s not just you, Twitter has gone wobbly again. Users of the social network in Asia and Europe are reporting a range of problems tweeting and viewing certain types of content this morning.

Among the problems being reported are not being able to post certain types of content to the site (such as polls and media), though at least some users are still able to post text tweets saying they’re having problems.

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