Twitter Bots

Twitter Inc sets Crackdown on automated ‘bot’ accounts

Twitter is cracking down on bots after it announced changes to its API that will massively reduce the impact of services that allow links and content to be shared across multiple accounts, i.e. the software that powers Twitter bots.

So that means an end to services that let those controlling large numbers of accounts to batch tweet, follow users, retweet or like tweets. Twitter will continue to allow content to be posted to accounts using software, for example, weather alerts, RSS feed updates and more, but they will now be limited to a single account going forward.

Twitter is for Political Use ?

The crackdown is part of an effort to weed out automated and fake accounts, a move which rankled some conservative personalities.Some users woke on Wednesday to find a sharp drop in followers, prompting a series of hashtags on the platform such as #TwitterLockOut and #TwitterPurge.

The cause was an ongoing effort to “identify suspicious account behaviours that indicate automated activity” or other policy violations, a Twitter spokesperson told AFP.

And, despite conspiracy theories that quickly gained traction at Twitter, the service denied any political bias.

“Twitter’s tools are apolitical,” the spokesperson said.

“This is part of our ongoing, comprehensive efforts to make Twitter safer and healthier for everyone.”

Twitter last month said the number of Russia-linked accounts firing off tweets evidently aimed at the US election in 2016 was more widespread than initially determined.