Twitter takes serious action on Live Broadcast apps

Twitter is a famous app which seems to be a very serious concern about the live broadcast. we have gone through that Twitter is also taking attention over users feedback and negative comments. As part of Twitter ’s attempted crackdown on abusive behavior across its network, the company announced on Friday afternoon a new policy facing those who repeatedly harass, threaten or otherwise make abusive comments during a Periscope broadcaster’s live stream. According to Twitter, the company will begin to more aggressively enforce its Periscope Community Guidelines by reviewing and suspending accounts of habitual offenders.

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This news and other plans were announced via a Periscope blog post and tweet that said everyone should be able to feel safe watching live video. Twitter says that accounts that repeatedly get suspended for violating its guidelines will soon be reviewed and suspended. This enhanced enforcement begins on August 10, 2018, and is one of several other changes Twitter is making to its product across Periscope and Twitter focused on user safety so users can show satisfactory belive over twitter and social media.