After winning our hearts in a light-hearted comedy flick Chupan Chupai, the versatile actress Neelam Munerr is all set to impress us again in a heart-wrenching tale on television.

Titled as Umme Hania, the drama has been written by Kishwar Ismail and directed by Tehseen Khan.

The actress while talking about the drama said that she played am ambitious cricketer who later gave up her career to give a new life to a girl she found in pile of debris.

“My character’s name in the drama is Roomi, she is a young ambitious girl who wants to make big in the world of cricket but her parents don’t support her and forces her to get hitched. Roomi has almost surrendered to her parents’ will but one day while coming back from the tournament she found a little baby in the pile of debris that changed her life completely,” she stated.

Neelam Muneer further added that the drama highlights several important issues.

“It is a female centric story pointing towards serious issues that exists in our society – it is an effort to raise awareness among parents to let their daughter follow her will instead of imposing their orders on her. It is an eye-opener for society which often raises questions on the character and dignity of a girl who dares to do something unusual in life and takes stand for right,” the actress added.


The actress also told us that the drama would also show the power of social media and internet in current times.

“While Roomi has been making efforts in searching for lost parents of that baby, she takes the help of social media to make the process smoother and transparent. She made a Facebook page, ‘Gumshuda Farista’ and uploads several pictures of the baby on it so if anyone recognizes the small baby they would immediately contact her,” Neelam said


We also spoke to another young actor Shan Baig, who played an important character in the serial.

“I am playing a very important role in the drama – while everyone in the family is against Roomi, he came out as her strongest supporter. He stood by her in every thick and thin of life and supported her like a true companion throughout her journey,” he told us about his role in drama.

Shooting !

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The drama promo has already created hype for it and we all are looking forward to it. It is all set to air from the 24th of January every Wednesday and Thursday at 7 pm only on Geo TV. A new-comer, Waseem Tirmazi plays Neelam Muneer’s husband in the drama whereas Danial Afzal Khan plays her best friend in it.



Starting from 24th January
Every Wednesday & Thursday at 7:00 PM
Only on GEO TV – Har Pal Geo