Urwa and Mawra the two sisters who appeared in Nida Yasir’s morning show have their own take on Depression. However are they really correct? There statements have been truned into memes after the duo explained to Nida Yasir that Depression is taking place because of food. Really? Food is the key to happiness how can it cause depression.

In the morning show the sisters were seen promoting their brand U X M. things were going really good and as soon as the host Nida started talking about mental health and depression, and yes the clip has gone viral where the sisters are seen saying mental health is affected because of what you put inside your system.

In the clip we are see Urwa saying “nowadays we hear so many people saying that they are suffering from depression, they have mental ‘disease’, it’s all because of food. There’s no other reason.” And Mawra adds “It’s because of what put inside.”

Many people have started making memes on them calling them uneducated and some are calling them professors, let’s not forget the sarcasm.

Well celebrities should really think before they say because one wrong comment will turn them into a meme and they should really talk about things they know.