US Theatres To Open Late Summer
US Theatres To Open Late Summer

US movie theaters operator were closed in March by the US government to stop the spread of Coronavirus  and because of Coronavirus outbreak the whole Hollywood summer schedule has been pushed back. The films that were slated to open in theaters this summers will now be opening in the end of this year and many films productions have also been postponed due the Covid-19.

Hollywood has also made it clear that they will not be releasing their big budget films this year as they might suffer huge losses due to less views. However US movie theater operators are looking forward to reopen theaters this year in the end of July.

Chairman of operation Corcoran said in a statement “There are two schools of thought, People will be very tense and careful and nervous, or people will just be desperate to get out of the house. It’s going to probably be a mixture.”

Uptil now only two films will be coming out late summers which include Disney’s live action remake Mulan which  will be focusing on the Disney princess of China who fights for the honor of her father and kingdom.  Gal Gadot starrer Wonder Woman 1984 will also be hitting the theatres in August the patty Jenkins directorial will be the sequel to the first part of Wonder Woman and was global box office hit.


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