ushna shah

Ushna Shah and Bilal Abbas are two acting powerhouses who have nailed every character they have played so far. Be it Reena in Alif Allah AurInsaanor Qasim in O’Rangreza, the two stars have proved their mettletime and again, and are definitely two seasoned actors of the industry.

And when two such super-duper actors pair up for a project, you can only imagine what awaits you on the screens. Yes, as news would have it, Shah and Abbas are going to be sharing screen space in an upcoming drama titled ‘Balah’. Furthermore, with BadarMehmood at the helm of affairs and being a Big Bang Productions, we surely can figure out how big it is going to be!

Talking to Celeb Dhaba, the vivacious actress Shah shared that she had a good time shooting. “BadarBhai is fantastic and I love the Big Bang team.” She also revealed that so far, she has only shot for three days, so till now she hasn’t faced any such hurdles while shooting.

Shedding light on her character, Shah states that she plays a lead role though a negative one and this is what makes this drama different from all the other ongoing dramas these days. “I play the character of a woman who is evil and malicious. She has a disability and is very insecure about it. So, she compensates for it by making everyone’s life hell.”

On the other hand, Abbas too is very excited about his role in Balah and says he hasn’t ever played such a role before. “My character is very serious, he is very responsible, he is the man of the house and hence he is very authoritative. It is very different from anything I’ve played before.”

Besides Shah and Abbas, the drama, based on a script by ZanjabeelAsim, will also star SaminaPirzada and is slated for a release on ARY Digital sometime after Eid.