Once again this Couple Got in trouble ! the rumors were everywhere but it was not confirmed that Veena Malik and Asad khatak Got separated.

Veena Malik broke the silence in Amir liaquat Ramadan BOl live transmission show

Celebdhaba Got in touch with Veena Malik and her lawyer Ali Ahmed:

Veena Malik (real name Zahida Malik) applied for Dissolution of Marriage before Family Court, Lahore.The court summoned Asad Bashir Khattak 3 times to appear and defend the case. But Asad did not join proceedings.The court issued notice in Public News paper to inform Asad to come and defend his case but Asad deliberately avoided to participate in the proceedings. Finally court passed Decree for Dissolution of Marriage on 31.01.2017 on the basis of Khula.The decree was submitted to Union Council, Walton Cantonment Board for further proceedings. Asad was again sent summons and also a newspaper publication was made but Asad instead of defending his case in the court gave interviews to TV channels.Asad called The Union Council and promised to appear on next hearing but did not appear.Finally the Union Council issued Divorce Certificate in favour of Veena Malik on 26-May-2017.Asad Khattak revived the Original Divorce Certificate. Says Ali Ahmed

Court issued these divorce certificate latest year.

Veena Malik says my social Media is handle by Asad himself and my lawyer gave authentic information with his quote

On the other side Asad Bashir Khatak completely denied the news by saying that its all TRP game, It might be BOL Ramadan first day rating, I dont like to discuss my family on Media, Kids are with me since month as you can see my twitter, Instagram, my kids are enjoying and they are happy here in Dubai’