The much-awaited film’s trailer starring the A-listers like Kareena Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor, ‘Veere Di Wedding’ came out only yesterday, on April 25th, and it has already become a smashing hit. How did we figure? Well, it already has over 12 million hits on YouTube!

Directed by Shashanka Ghosh, the film really does like a pure chick flick as Kareena Kapoor has earlier mentioned in one of her statements regarding the movie. The exciting three- minute trailer shows the tight spun relationship of four girlfriends who know that getting hitched is compulsory but are so not interested in taking the plunge.

Another aspect of the trailer that also came across as striking was the casual use of cuss words by girls and talking about sex openly instead of being shy about it or just shrugging it off. However, it doesn’t come off as awkward or bizzare at all. After all, it’s high time we women mustered the courage to talk about such things in public. Also, the trailer ending with ‘charam sukh’-hindi word for an orgasm was uber hilarious!

Furthermore, the chemistry between Sumeet Vyas, popular for his web series on YouTube, and Kareena Kapoor Khan looks gripping. And, we surely are excited to see how it’s going to unfold in the movie.

The edgy trailer also asks the audiences a very important question- why on earth is getting married the end of the world? Sonam says: “No matter how educated you are, graduate or post-graduate, you’ve achieved next to nothing until you have become a wife.” This line rings so true with the majority of youth these days with the society pressurizing them to marry as soon as they reach their mid-20s. Also, Kareena Kapoor’s dialogue “Shaadi apne liye kar rahe hai ya in logon ke liye?” is bound to strike the right chord.

The film is slated for a June 1st release worldwide.