Veteran actress Rohi bano passed away in Turkey.

As per source :According to her sister, Rubina Yasmeen, the actor was placed on a ventilator since the past 10 days in a Turkish hospital. “She had been suffering from kidney failure.” -Arynews

Roohi Bano, was an amazing actress, joined the TV fraternity when she was doing her MSc in Psychology from the Government College, Lahore. She was still ranked as among the best acting talents that the country has produced.

Roohi Bano’s first television appearance was in a quiz show in her student days. Then Farooq Zamir offered her to act in plays. She accepted the offer while continuing her studies that culminated in an MSc degree in Psychology. Roohi married twice and also acted in a few films but television is where her heart is.

Her outstanding performances in Qila Kahani, Zard Gulab, Hairatkada, Darwaza, Kiran Kahani etc, placed her head and shoulders above her counterparts.