The talented Wahaj Ali and Neelum Munir together with Minal Khan rocked their lead roles in Dil Nawaz. Although the drama revolved around supernatural beings, it was a love story through and through, showcasing a kind of a love triangle between the three lead actors. Making a powerful couple on the screen, Wahaj Ali and Neelum Munir won hearts all over with the kind of chemistry they possessed, while most of their fans had eagerly been awaiting to see them both together once again on the TV screens.

This duo is all set to appear together in a project directed by Shahid Shafaat that is to be aired on ARY Digital. The drama serial will feature Wahaj Ali along with Neelum Munir and the industry’s leading actor/director Yasir Nawaz, with whom Neelum Munir has previously worked with in Dil Mom Ka Diya. The drama’s cast also includes Nausheen Shah, Waseem Abbas and Samina Ahmed

What’s even more exciting is the fact that this is a project of Next Level Entertainment, with Sana Shahnawaz as the producer. Sana Shahnawaz has made a huge name for herself in the industry with the kind of drama serials she has brought forth to the Pakistani television. With many popular names under her belt, including Dil Mom Ka Diya, Do Bol, Khuda Mera Bhi Hai and Surkh Chandni, she is known to create drama serials based on social issues that are taboo and need to be addressed, and this new project will also be quite similar in terms of touching upon problems that exist all around us.


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