Waqar Zaka the famous TV host was taken into custody by the police on Monday and was charged with possession of Sheesha however the internet was flooded with news saying that Waqar Zaka was taken into custody because he possessed Alcohol. Waqar Zaka later took this issue on his official twitter account where he stated that he was not arrested for possessing alcohol.

Waqar Zaka has posted a 2 minute long video where he blamed the media for spreading fake new about his case. He said “Please do not share false news that I was being possessed with Alcohol, there is no such thing the police had only found a Sheesha in the back of my car and because of the strict laws it is against the law to possess a sheesha and that a FIR will be launched against the person who possesses such kind of things.” He further added on “Please spread awareness rather than sharing fake news, you guys should spread awareness about the laws that Sheesha is against the Law and not such news that Waqar Zaka was arrested for having Alcohol which is absolutely false.”


Waqar Zaka was arrested because he possessed a sheesha he stated “If you also have a sheesha in your house you will be liable for arrest as it is against the law, even if you are using it or not.”

Waqar  who was furious on the about the news circulating the internet said “There is no news about all my hard work I did in Burma and Syria this should have been made a headline.” He also said that if you guys don’t believe me please go to the police station and ask them what the FIR was about.


Waqar has also shared a picture of the FIR and has asked Chief Justice to take serious action.