Waseem Badami is back with Shan-e-ramazan this Ramazan as well. Waseem Badami who is hosting the Ramazan Transmission since the past 7 years said “It’s a marathon transmission which will run every day, we’ll be starting from Sehri session from 1:30 in the morning and the show will continue after Fajr as well and for Iftaar transmission we will be starting from 2:30pm in the afternoon.

Talking about the show Waseem Badami said “our show is nearly a decade old now, I myself have been hosting alongside Junaid Jamshed Bhai (Late) and Amjad Sabri Bhai (Late) we always try our level best to keep the Ramazan Transmission as simple as possible, we want to give people knowledge on Islam and also want to have a good time and this is basically called infotainment.”

Iqrar Ul Hasan who will also be seen in the Ramazan Transmission spoke to us revealing “We will be having many different segments including Naats, Tilawat, Cooking segment and I will also be seen in the Naiki Segment where we look ut for people in need and bring them to our show so that they can be helped by the public and it is our plan to help almost 30 people this whole Ramazan.”

Waseem Badami talking about his experience he said “It’s a very spiritual experience for me, a journey I have to go on every year, I just pack my bags and shift into office and for the next 30 days I just have to stay away from my family, it’s a tough job staying up for so many hours however these 30 days are unforgettable, there are always people around me and I also get to learn a lot, sometimes I’m tired and sleep deprived so I’m nervous that I don’t utter something wrong, but these days are really unforgettable for me throughout the whole year.”