Black Panther director Ryan Coogler made a terrific movie about boxing two years ago with one of the actors from the Marvel movie, Michael B Jordan. The sequels to Oscar winner Rocky were many, but none could equal the origin story’s narrative style, acting, and cinematography. But everything changed when Creed hit the big screen. It brought back the style, the story, and the emotions.

The boxing matches were shot with great skill, the camera danced when the actors danced. Sylvester Stallone, Michael B Jordan, and Tessa Thompson delivered, the shots that director Ryan Coogler and cinematographer Maryse Alberti collaborated to produce are breathtaking. When Michael B Jordan’s character Adonis Creed is in the ring, he shines, and so does Jordan.

Creed follows the story of Adonis Creed aka Donnie Johnson who wants to be a professional boxer. He trains with Ribs damaged, eyes swollen, spirits broken. And towards the end, we have a complete film in itself, which apart from being a stunning throwback to Rocky, is wonderfully whole. There are many things at play here; the game, the father-son equation, race, a legacy. Everything blends in the most natural, authentic way possible much like life, Adonis and Rocky teach each other.

Adonis Creed teaches Sylvester about love and about giving a damn (for a lack of a better word). While Sylvester’s character teaches Adonis about how to fight. With grace, passion, and agility. It is like Jordan’s youth and energy silently challenged Stallone to up his game. So much so that he won his first Golden Globe for Creed.

Maybe it is also a good time to have a look at the Jordan and Ryan B Coogler film as Stallone has announced that Creed 2 is on its way. However, Stallone will be directing this time, we dont know whats going to happen in the upcoming part.